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Hoe Bee Coffee Singapore Traditional Coffee since 1951 | 自1951年以来提供最好的新加坡传统咖啡

Hoe bee Coffee has been serving Singaporeans with 3 types of popular coffee, Ceylon Tea (Black Tea) and Premium Coffee.

拥有悠久历史的和美咖啡便为新加坡人献上了3款热门的咖啡, 锡兰茶(红茶)和优质咖啡

Things about coffee you might not know

You can overdose on coffee 😀
Studies have shown that you would need to consume over 70 cups of coffee to kill a 70 kg person. The amount of caffeine from this can trigger heart palpitations and cardiac arrest.

This would mean that you would need to drink about 3 cups of coffee every hour for 24 hours for it to be lethal.

What is Coffee?

The first coffee tree was discovered in Africa by the natives. The production of coffee begins with harvesting the fruit. Coffee cherries are then picked, processed, and milled before roasting. Finally, they are refined to what you see in stores – beans and powder, ready to be enjoyed.



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