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An Introduction of Brazilian Santos Coffee

An Introduction | 产品介绍

It is a well-known fact that most coffee comes from Brazil, but beyond that, very few people are aware of all of the intricacies of Brazilian coffee. We’ll discuss the type of coffee a little bit more detail.

众所周知,大多数咖啡来自巴西,但除此之外,很少人了解巴西咖啡的复杂性。 我们将更详细地讨论咖啡的类型。

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Specific coffee names in reference to a country generally refer to a specific coffee plant variety, but the Brazilian Santos coffee is a little bit different in that regard. Santos is the name of a port in Brazil that is located not too far from Sao Paulo. When Brazil first started becoming big in coffee production and coffee exportation, “Brazilian Santos” coffee that came specifically from this port, and was much higher quality than other Brazilian coffees. This was a big deal at the time because Brazil coffees were generally of higher quality than other countries.

提到一个国家的特定咖啡名称通常是指特定的咖啡植物品种,但巴西桑托斯咖啡在这方面略有不同。 Santos 是巴西港口的名称,距离圣保罗不远。 当巴西开始成为咖啡生产和咖啡出口大国时,“巴西桑托斯”咖啡专门来自这个港口,质量远高于其他巴西咖啡。 这在当时是一件大事,因为巴西咖啡的质量高于其他国家。

Brazilian Santos coffee becoming known for its high quality, Due to the popularity of this coffee, Santos grew from only 30,000 people in 1850, to about 250,000 by the year 1900. Popularity of this coffee and international pressure, the expansion of the coffee economy led to lots of immigrants and job seekers to flock to this particular area.

巴西桑托斯咖啡以其高品质而闻名,由于这种咖啡的普及,桑托斯从 1850 年的 30,000 人增长到 1900 年的约 250,000。这种咖啡的流行和国际压力,导致咖啡经济的扩张让许多移民和求职者涌向这个特定地区。

Brazilian Santos coffee did morph into more of a “grading” than a specific variety of coffee plant, it does tend to be Arabica coffee of the bourbon variety. Bourbon coffee plants started in Ethiopia and Yemen, before being spread across Africa, and in more recent centuries finally finding itself in Latin America.

巴西桑托斯咖啡确实更像是一种“分级”,而不是特定品种的咖啡植物,它确实是Bourbon品种的阿拉比卡咖啡。 Bourbon咖啡植物起源于埃塞俄比亚和也门,然后传播到非洲,最近几个世纪终于在拉丁美洲找到了自己的位置。

Brazilian Santos have a lighter flavor, since it is lighter in flavor Hoe Bee Coffee do a darker roasting to add in that extra kick of flavor. The combination of the natural flavors and the darker roasting give it a chocolate, cinnamon, and nutty flavor to it. With that nice and light chocolate after taste that people have come to appreciate from a good, dark coffee.

巴西 桑托斯 的味道较淡.。因为它的味道较淡,和美咖啡进行较深的烘焙以增加额外的味道。 天然味道和较深烘焙的结合赋予它巧克力味、桂香和坚果的味道。 伴随着人们从优质的黑咖啡中欣赏到的美味而清淡的巧克力味。