Hoe Bee Coffee Drip Bag 和美咖啡挂耳咖啡袋
A Guide to Brewing the Perfect Cup using drip bag

An Introduction | 产品介绍

Hoe Bee Coffee prepacked drip bags has finally available! Enjoying a freshly brewed cup of singapore traditional coffee/kopi has never been easier. This is perfect for those who are always on the move, or looking for an easy, fuss-free method way to have a freshly brewed cup of coffee/kopi at any of your comfort zone.

和美咖啡挂耳咖啡袋终于上市了! 品尝一杯现煮的新加坡传统咖啡从未如此简单。 对于那些经常出差的人来说,这是完美的选择,轻松自在地在您舒适的任何区域喝杯新鲜咖啡。

What you’ll Need | 需要什么

Prepacked Drip Coffee Bag
Cup 180-250ml
Hot Water 150-200ml

Brew Time | 冲泡时间

2-4mins | 2 – 4分钟


Drip bag coffee has continually offered users a suitable and quick means of making cups of drip coffee conveniently, irrespective of your location or the time. It has a filter design, and also contains a ground coffee. Each bag of drip coffee is lightweight, portable, and compact, making it easy to carry.

The presence of N2 gas in drip coffee preserves its taste and aroma, allowing it to deliver the quality nutrients your body needs. For people seeking easier means of preparing coffee, drip coffee is the best for you at any location or time. The problem most people encounter with their coffee bags is usage, but with drip coffee, you are assured of ease in usage. All you need to do is open it, put it in a cup, pour hot water on it, and enjoy it!

The coffee bag features two handles that fold easily so the coffee bag can be mounted in the cup, depending on your choice, since it can be used with almost all cups. Also, just as you repeatedly dip a teabag to allow the herbs to spread in your cup, the water poured in the coffee sachet will push the coffee through the filter. Each sip contains enough nutrients to keep your mind calm and relaxed.


Step 1

Tear along the dotted line to open up the opening | 沿虚线撕开


Step 2

Shake lighly to level coffee grounds and place hangers onto cup | 轻轻摇动以调平咖啡渣,然后将挂耳放入杯中


Step 3

Gently pour hot water through (150 – 200ml) | 在中央开口处轻轻倒入热开水(150-200毫升)


Step 4

Leave it for awhile (30 – 45 seconds). Discard filter bag and enjoy your coffee | 泡(30-45秒) 丢弃袋,享用咖啡

What is pour over coffee brewing?

The pour over methods is more like a manual way of preparing a coffee, and it involves pouring the hot water into the grounded coffee in the filter. The water will be drained via the filter and coffee into the mug or cup. The method is also regarded as filter coffee. What makes this method stand out is the hand-pouring system, and that is why it has earned its name as hand brewing. The pour over method has become popular for serving single coffees than other methods of brewing because it retains the aroma and flavor of the coffee; in fact, it accentuates the flavors more.

What makes pour over coffee better?

Many things make this method of brewing coffee better, but the first thing is control, the pour over allows you to have total control of the brewing process. You will be able to control the coffee ground saturation, flow of water, and the duration of the brewing process. If you crave a cold coffee, the pour over method is the best. The drip process is useful for making hot coffee, and if you want to leave it down to cool, it might reduce the aroma and flavor.

Also, the pour over coffee method usually tastes better than other methods. The brewing process takes a long time; therefore, the taste is always vibrant. This happens because the water will carefully remove the flavor and oil from the coffee.